You are the Way

Happy New Year! I love how in one day, we end one year and embark on a new. What will 2016 look like for you? Have you taken the time to ask yourself which aspects of 2015 need to go? Which parts of your life need addressing and changing? Is it your work situation, relationships with children, friends, family, colleagues or community? Are you living life boldly? Are you actively engaged in how your life is unfolding? Or would you say you are lost, distracted by life’s dramas? Are you taken down the great drama highway every time the coach, teacher, neighbor, sister or spouse says something you perceive as negative (or positive)? Are you staying small relative to your true capabilities?


Last month I sent a note about facing our deeply held fears. http://December’s True Gift (It’s worth a re-read if you didn’t have the time to look at it.) In looking at mine, I was reminded of a healing world adage “the outer is a reflection of the inner and the inner of the outer.“ If your life (the outer) isn’t going the way you would like, it’s essential to go within. From the time we are young, we have created personal laws based on our relationship with our parents and larger community. These laws shape our current reality. If we weren’t loved unconditionally as children (our one and only true desire), we find ourselves (and lives) lacking in wholeness. For many this creates the belief that we aren’t good enough and don’t deserve it all. We find love hurts. People are not to be trusted or can disappoint. Dreams are unattainable, etc. When we aren’t aware of these deeply held beliefs, we end up wishing for a life we don’t feel we can create.


The great news is we hold the key to our true wholeness and happiness. We need but go within to see which beliefs are limiting or negatively affecting our lives. We can discover which earlier life experiences are weighing us down. Each experience is energy. It’s either positively or negatively charged, light or dense. We draw conclusions (beliefs) from life experiences. Our attention to these beliefs initiates the change. True change. True wholeness. True freedom. If you look to others to make you feel good about yourself, loved, valued, respected, appreciated, etc. then it’s time to look within. No one else can make us feel whole or worthy. However, we can feel our way through the suppressed feelings of hurt, anger, betrayal, jealousy and unworthiness in order to restore authentic wholeness.


I know many life situations appear beyond our control. However, our response to them is not. Are we resisting what life has presented? Are we holding on to a past that no longer exists? If so, why? Why are we not free to accept change? Learning to hurt and feel is a true act of courage. I am genuinely looking forward to 2016. Grateful for each of you and the community we create. I hope you love boldly in 2016. Yourself. Your family. Our community. The Earth and all its people. Be kind and gentle whenever possible, especially to yourself.


Wishing you blessings and joy each day of the coming year.

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