What Will You Do With More Light?

May is here! I really love how the days seem longer and lighter. It inspires feelings of spaciousness and timelessness.


Many of us wish to bring healthy, loving change here on Earth. We would like to do something. If I have learned anything in the past month, the surest way to help bring necessary change is by be present each moment. Being present requires we pay attention to our reactions and the emotions arising inside. We might notice in this type of process, some of the feelings are appropriate to what is happening. While often they are old feelings emerging we suppressed long ago. It’s most likely we weren’t able to deal with them because the feelings were too painful or we weren’t in a safe place to express them. Most human beings have a treasure trove of unspoken or unexpressed feelings in the throat area. We often notice how our throats start to hurt when we want to cry. This gives new light to the phrase “choking back tears.”


We have the opportunity to lighten up each day by feeling the feelings arising from our life experiences. It almost seems counter intuitive to recommend someone feel to lighten up, considering feeling these suppressed emotions can be a heavy experience. It’s time to give up the old stories keeping us in limiting, energy-depleting patterns. We can engage suppressed experiences by compassionately meeting them with our attention. We extend our sincerest, most loving, heart-felt presence. Make this a daily practice. When someone brings up an uncomfortable subject or past experience, observe where you feel the discomfort in your body. Be determined to feel in such a way that you know the energy of the emotion has cleared from your body. Watch a sad movie with a friend and notice how your body responds to the parts that touch you.


Be free. Enjoy a life of ease. We owe it to ourselves and all, to restore power, wholeness and consciousness. Set your intentions and allow yourself to be supported!

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