What the world needs now

What the world needs now is a peaceful movement. It needs our light, love and compassion.  The planet needs us to stay light. Given our interconnectedness, all beings need grace and unconditional love. We need to connect our light and hearts with others on Earth. We need to choose to love and be light in the midst of the heaviness. We are the change. We are peaceful beings. We choose peace. We can do this.

Beginning July 31, 2016, I am going to live stream a meditation healing service Sundays 7:00am (PT) on my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwo4yxMKWXDApfp9FRp76xA. Participants will be guided through an enlightening and heart opening meditation. $100/month or $25/session. The intention of this service is to support each participant’s service to humanity and ability to stay light and inspired during these times.

We can collectively lighten up the planet and find new vision and solutions for our lives and global community.  Grab a friend or loved one to join. Be light. Be the change. Be a part of this peaceful movement. Tune in to my Youtube channel Sunday mornings. For more information on my background and experience in distant and one-on-one healing find me at www.sueocallahan.com.

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