What is Unconditional Love?

What is Unconditional Love?

Have you ever wondered what your definition of unconditional love is? Is it even something that can be defined? Do you feel it’s something you’ve truly experienced? Do you feel the presence of unconditional love now? Is it how you experience life in any given moment? I ask because recently I was given the assignment of taking a shamanic journey to merge with the spirit of unconditional love to experience its true nature. I know from many teachings at our core we are pure, unconditional love. I hadn’t really given too much thought about what it actually means in practical terms. It wasn’t until I started preparing for the journey that I began to wonder about it. Thoughts and assumptions started to arise. I thought I would probably experience an immense state of love (or perhaps joy) during the journey.

That didn’t happen. The unconditional love I experienced during the journey had very little to do with feelings. Instead, as soon as the journey began, I immediately became ultra present, sensing the aliveness in everything. I began to see how amazing just about every aspect of life truly is. I saw the miracle of blooding pumping from the heart into arteries flushing out into the capillaries and surrounding tissues. Inherent in every pump of the heart and drop of blood was the word Yes. Yes, it’s happening, but more importantly, it can happen.

I saw the magic of a smile. A smile generated by interaction between two or many, a gesture of lightness and love. Yes, we share experiences. Yes, we can connect.

I experienced Yes in a piece of fruit. I could see the miracle in it. Its life force. I felt the energy of the Yes present in the seeds capable of sprouting roots, branches, leaves and the fruit they would come to bear. Yes is in the biodynamic soil nurturing and sustaining the process. Yes in the juice, flesh, seeds and the chemical and atomic structures that come together to make it so. Yes in everything. Yes is present in life’s infinite possibilities and simplest gestures.

I wondered as the journey came to an end how I had never consciously recognized the vitality and exquisiteness of my life. It was as though everything presented was an amazing orchestra of life playing its heart and soul out. I recognized the wisdom I gained was not reliant upon a desired emotional state. I saw for myself unconditional love drawing me more fully into life. That is love. Yes taught me to recognize the miracle in everything, of being fully engaged. You and I are unquestionably lovely and unconditionally loved for we are life.

As a side note…one of the things I love most about shamanic journeys is someone else can journey on unconditional love and experience it in a completely different way.

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