Warming Up to Fear

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~ C.S. Lewis


Happy Memorial Day weekend. I love this 3-day weekend because it marks the beginning of summer and the end of the school year. Summer for some is being completely off the grid. While for others, a continued juggling act of getting from home to camp to work and back (or some version of that). Summer’s pace slows so we can restore and revitalize our energy. It slows hopefully enough to gain some much needed insight and wisdom.


Memorial Day also marks the near mid-point of the calendar year.  What we don’t often see due to the fast pace of our lives are the self-destructive and limiting patterns that keep repeating. Behind every stuck or limited person’s behavior is an emotion. Fear, anger, loneliness, victimhood, jealousy, shame and the list goes on. For most people it’s fear. Fear with the help of the ego has a way of holding us hostage in our life. Its voice is so familiar in our minds we often don’t recognize it as being separate from us. Fear tells us we can’t. It kicks up a million reasons to stay complacent and numb. It never encourages us to look at it directly, to feel the fear. Why are humans so afraid to feel the fear keeping them afraid? Why is it so hard to move beyond it? Why does our desire/drive to be free physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually often get squashed by the scary reflections our minds project?


Why are we most afraid of loving ourselves and others unconditionally? And yet our hearts greatest desire is to love and be loved unconditionally. Summer is the perfect time to shed some light and warmth on the fears eclipsing our ability to love ourselves and others purely (especially our children). When we can meet our fears with grace and compassion, we can begin to unlock the hold it has upon us.


“Look within. Within is the foundation of good and it will ever bubble up if thou wilt ever dig.” Marcus Aurelius


Wishing you a warm, illuminating summer!

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