Waking up in May

I hope April was a spectacular month for you. I had the opportunity to watch the on-line series The Truth about Cancer (https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/). It’s a very informative look at cancer, diseases and why our bodies get sick. I especially appreciated the information presented on bolstering the immune system and supporting our bodies’ mechanisms for healing disease. Throughout the series, both the doctors and researchers repeated “you can’t get cancer (like most diseases) unless your immune system is compromised.” We are exposed to many environmental toxins regularly. We need to recognize the importance of detoxifying and nourishing our bodies. Another phrase repeated throughout TTAC was “cancer and disease is about healing.” Healing our cells, immune systems and bodies (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).

I chose to add several of the recommended foods to my daily protocol. The nutritional guidance made sense. By eating more fresh, biodynamic, organic phytonutrient rich foods, including essential trace minerals and amino acids, my cells would enjoy much better health, as would I. Shortly after adding the vegetables, fruits and herbs, I felt a noticeable increase in vitality and presence.

As a result, I had greater cognizance of cells. It became very clear cells contain the emotional past; All of the hurts, wounds, disappointments, bitterness, jealousy, sense of failing, anger and sadness. The cells hold it all, including the good…the love, kindness, compassion, joy, etc. Life is constantly nudging us to address our old wounding. Whether we recognize it or not, each day is an opportunity to address our karmic lessons. We can resolve karma through facing (and feeling) suppressed emotions and hurts from the past.

People tend to wait until a crisis arises to tend to health and well-being. Due to the busy pace of life we often miss the warning signs our bodies send when under duress.  Choose well-being by eating beautiful, sustainably produced fruits, vegetables, herbs and goodness from the Earth. Healthy, vibrant, phytonutrient rich food is healing. Dedicate one meal each day to cleanse and detoxify your cells. Plant some veggies and fruit trees in your garden.

TTAC also looked at how cells radiate light. Cells with a lot of light radiate health. Breathe in light. See it penetrating every cell of your body. Infuse this light with your love and feel it streaming through your DNA, subatomic particles and all components of the cells. Try a session of conscious connected breathing…it is truly transformational. Be fully alive now. For we are Life.

Take one step this month to bolster your life and well-being. Love your bodies. Live well. Aging gives us every reason to embrace healthy choices and lifestyles. Join the monthly  healing for energetic cleansing and restoration of vitality. Focus on clearing out one life experience you know has weighed on you. Bathe in light and health. Your cells and body will thank you. Please email me if interested in life giving guidance presented in this series.


Enjoy this beautiful month and the fullness of life awaiting you.

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