Sprouting a New You

Like many of you, I recently returned from spring break travels. While away, I spent very little time online. I stayed unengaged; away from politics, Facebook updates, upcoming gatherings, inspired quotes, etc. I practiced presence and being in the moment. I craved quiet time. I took hikes up Marin’s spectacular trails. I sat along the elegant hillsides honoring its stillness. I noticed the gorgeous poppies blanketing the grapevine and tiny spring time buds smiling along the trails and paths. I walked beneath the friendly shade of the redwoods and met the mighty Pacific at the edge of the Tennessee Valley. Each hike blessing me with genuine communion with nature. The quiet brought me back to me.


Prior to leaving, I was particularly aware of how domestic and international news was drawing me into the hands of my ego. Instead of observing the spectacle of debates, primaries, headlines, violence in Belgium and other regions, etc. I started getting sucked into the story. I began engaging in a game of “us vs. them” in my mind. I chose to get caught up and lost in mental banter, even though I know the mind is largely controlled by the ego. The ego loves two sides of anything, especially a fight. It loves for us to feel like the victim and victor. It loves suffering and drama. Period. When we suffer, the ego remains relevant and in charge. Any time we engage in fantasy or fictitious conversations in our minds, no matter how entitled, worthy or righteous the subject matter, we are living in-authentically, caught up in an illusion. The internet, like our minds, is a great distraction.


So what does it mean to live authentically? How do we “lose” all of the stories in order to be present and fully in the moment? We start by realizing we have been conditioned into the stories of our lives. By stories, I mean the ways in which we identify or define ourselves. In a nutshell, the story we have told ourselves about ourselves up until this point. The stories we keep repeating over and over again to make them real. Each of us is soulfully connected to the Divine. We are That. We are one with all. Truly there is no us or them. Our soul-self has no story. It is pure. That we perceive ourselves as being separate is an illusion. Self-realization is the one true gift we can give ourselves, fellow human beings and the planet. To self-realize is the ultimate act of love. Truth emerges organically when we are present and authentic. Start by paying attention to your thoughts. Observe your internal dialogues. Notice what you believe to be true about you. Engage in self-inquiry. There are some amazing teachers and resources available on-line. 🙂


Birth your true self this Spring. It’s a truly worthy endeavor (even though you are essentially doing nothing). The planet needs you. We need you. If your spring break was anything but quiet, plan a getaway. Take it. Gift yourself some quiet. A new month starts today. Sending you blessings always!

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