Milk Thistle Blessing



Background:  I am at a very high elevation. Himalayas. I feel the hearty love of this plant. I am filled with its love. I want to cry. I recognize its ability to bring out sadness. It protects us and gives us the safety to feel our most vulnerable suppressed feelings.


Mantra: I am free to let go of deep hurts and feel them authentically




I am a shoulder upon which you can lean on

I will protect you to the end

I am grace as its purest expression

I bring you ease

I move the heaviness and the hurts of a wounded heart

I release you of these bonds because you were able to love so

I free you because I love you

I recognize you are love through and through

I love you


Message: The milk thistle is going to hold us during this transformational time. It is holding our heart giving us the freedom and support to be free of our emotional past that continues to weigh on us and prevent us from loving freely. It is holding the inner child with compassion and love.

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