Maxwell: An Alligator’s Powerful Protective Love


The alligator is a land animal but comfortable delving into the water with the protective skin going down to touch deep emotions and deep emotional suppressions.


Maxwell – I am going to protect them so they are unafraid to delve deep into their suppressions and feel the deep hurts and wounding in order to heal the inner child and be free to mature emotionally and spiritually. Aho


This Week’s Mantra – I am protected and unafraid


Alligator’s Blessing:

I delve into the unknown

Protected by the knowledge

I am divinely loved

I am unafraid to feel

I am unafraid to delve

I am unafraid of being uncomfortable

I will meet each uncomfortable feeling

With my total presence

I will meet each one, each time

I will hold it, love it and allow it

To express itself fully

I will choose to let it go

For I no longer need it

I recognize the power of letting it go and

I choose this every day.


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