Letting Life Sort it Out

I hope you are having an amazing summer and are free to enjoy its relaxed pace. I started noticing something particularly inspiring in July. I am wondering if you are having a similar experience.


Have you noticed serendipity and grace’s presence influencing your life? Have you experienced how life seems to be working out problems and challenges that seem beyond your control? Have you felt gifted throughout the month? Are you at ease not knowing what is to come? Are you feeling loved and supported?


This has been my July. 2015 has thrown so many curves my way, I decided to stop trying to figure out how things are going to unfold. I decided to let go of expectations and just trust. I found myself realizing, again and again, life will figure out where I am most needed. The only thing I did was continue to show up to myself. I tended to my wholeness, health and well-being. I continued to look for ways to expand my heart’s ability to love and radiate joy. I have enjoyed an amazing month of healing.


Are you free to let go and trust? If not, what is stopping you? Are you uncomfortable because you are freeing yourself from the weight of the past or just stewing in it…caught in the traps of the mind and ego? You deserve to be free. If not now, when? A new month of healing starts Monday, join me.

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