Kindness of the Heart

Good afternoon…I hope you are well rested and at ease as our beautiful summer comes to an end. ☼


Kindness of the heart has been on my mind much lately. Not so much on my mind in a thinking sort of way, but rather a place from which to rest in each moment and a way of approaching life. When we aren’t planning and living in the future, being fully present in our heart is our natural state of being. Intuition is the language of the heart. If you aren’t feeling particularly intuitive these days, is it possibly because you need to tend to your heart?


Each of us is needed to be here at this time. Needed to be as open to love and life as possible. Each of you is a gift to us and our whole community. How are you, the gift, best expressed? How can we, your community, best water the beautiful seeds of love and light you are?


Please take the time to sit with these questions. As always, I am happy to participate in your personal blooming!

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