Kindness as the Foundation of Our Community

Good Morning…Happy October! We are entering the season of fall. The natural rhythm of fall is to let old, tired, unhealthful stories and patterns go. It’s time to recognize many of the things we have come to believe true about ourselves have never been so. Family, friends, teachers and people of influence have a tendency to hold onto old ideas of us by repeating or carrying them forward. You’ll hear them say “you have always been so dramatic or sensitive or irrational”…they work diligently to keep old constructs alive. Why? Because most people believe their own stories. They think they are the sum of their life experiences. They are none of them. We are authentically none of them.


Last month I talked a little about kindness. It’s been on my mind lately. While I know we expect it of our children, do we hold ourselves to the same standard? Are we kind to our spouses, teachers, coaches, children or strangers? Are we patient with them? Is it safe for them to make a mistake? How often do we find ourselves saying something disparaging, unkind or untrue about someone else… in front of others…including our children? How quickly do we apologize, forgive, forget when someone has been less than gracious with us? How can we build a beautiful, safe community when we can’t count on ourselves to speak with integrity, kindness and love? To not gossip? How gentle are we with ourselves?


I have decided to set some new intentions for my group healing service this month. In addition to supporting the falling away of old hurts, wounds and patterns, it is my intention you see the true reflection of your loveliness. By finding the genuinely beautiful in ourselves, we are far more likely to see it in others. What would life look like if we sought the goodness and loveliness in others each day? Even better, what if we went out of our way to bring it to their attention? How do we let go of old judgments and ideas of others? How do we forgive ourselves for having been less than kind (especially knowing gossip is toxic)? I am adding the intention to clear the unkind, untrue, gossipy, condescending and disparaging words we have uttered. We will invite loving kindness and grace to fill the parts of ourselves where once judgment and unkindness resided.


If you are ready to engage in living authentically and creating a healthy, whole community, join me for a month of healing.

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