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Healing Service from Sue
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Sacred Meditations with Sue I am that I am

Sacred Meditation is a live-stream mediation Sundays at 7:00AM (Pacific) on Youtube LINK. Created In the spirit of Ayni, living in a state of saying Yes to Spirit, each weekly session blends meditation and distant energy healing. (Participants must pay to receive healing energy component of the Sacred Meditation service.) The meditation takes participants on an inner-journey using easy to follow mindfulness principles and practices. The healing energy radiates through participants’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energetic fields with special focus placed on the heart, third eye, crown and eighth chakras. This services endeavors to support participants’ restoration of power, clearing of emotional suppressions and ability to live a heart-based, abundant and joyful life of service. The intention of Sacred Meditation is to enhance participants’ inner knowing and ability to be present. Participants are encouraged to say Yes to Spirit and allow life and all of its blessings to flow through them.  

Participants are encouraged to invite their friends and sangha to join them weekly. Sitting together in meditation each week illuminates our magnificent web of interconnectedness. This service brings like hearted people together. Together we commit to serving all beings and lightening up this world. Paying participants will receive the healing benefits from the Sacred Meditation sessions upon each viewing. Videos can be watched over and over again for maximum benefit. They do not have to be watched live. $25/session or $100/month.

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one sessions are held in Santa Monica.

There are 3 primary options:

Energy Healing & Restoration

Energy healing cleanses the auric (human energy) fields in order to restore balance, health, power and vitality. It supports a thriving and optimally functioning immune system. Energy healing releases and clears suppressed emotional experiences. These suppressed emotions and experiences create blocks in the meridian system which can cause stagnation and sometimes disease. In addition to clearing out the blocks, the healing also fills the auric field and meridians with Universal Life force. The energy is pure, vital and transformational. It inspires total well-being

Energy healing can be used in conjunction with traditional forms of therapy. Sessions are more work based than conversational. This cleansing healing assists the individual in identifying and removing the roots of limiting patterns and obstacles of well-being. Highly transformational and powerful, sessions might require 1-2 days of down time. Sessions run about 1 hour.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Conscious Connected Breathing is a personal growth process which uses a breathing technique to expand awareness and clear out physical, emotional and mental blocks or stresses, especially those arising from early childhood. This system aims at freeing individuals from their learnt patterns and suppressions, enabling them to empower themselves, integrate their fragmented self and experience self-mastery, joy and self-love.

Conscious breathing sessions can be a profound experience in healing the body, mind and spirit and connecting more deeply to the truth and beauty within. When, through the practice of conscious breathing we are able to integrate the processes of thinking, feeling and sensing, we find ourselves capable of intuitive understanding of a reality which extends far beyond intellectual, emotional or physical perceptions.

Shamanic Counseling and Healing Work

I am currently offering one-on-one shamanic counseling sessions including journeying, power animal retrievals and lower world healing. Each session is geared toward greater self-awareness and discovery in addition to the full restoration of power. Sessions run 1 ½ hours.