Grateful and Growing Seeds of ♥

This week I have thought a lot about gratitude. Spring is here reminding me of the rich opportunity to plant seeds of health and goodness. That being said, I wondered if I take the time to honor the seasons and elements? If I am grateful for the Earth’s provisions at each meal? Truly grateful for the water that washes, cleanses and hydrates? Or am I complacent in entitlement? Do I recognize the blessings life presents each day?

Here’s what I have realized so far. I am grateful our paths have crossed. I am honored to be part of your community. I am privileged to be someone you reach out to when feeling vulnerable and weighed down. I am honored to meet you in the places when uncertainty arises or you struggle to make sense of life unfolding.

I genuinely appreciate your willingness to face your life circumstances head on. I admire your courageous and persevering determination. Life is on. We are in it. Freedom comes from loving it all. Healing clears old, suppressed energy, the stuck energy that keeps us in limiting, frustrating patterns, roles and relationships. Love them all. Be grateful for funky, uncomfortable feelings. Start new. Start now.


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