Choosing an Undefended Heart

How do people who have experienced loss, disappointment, rejection, isolation, abandonment and the like restore wholeness and vitality and return to the innocence of an undefended heart? Many might wonder if it’s worth the effort. Perhaps making such a choice is unwise given the inherent vulnerability when we let down our guard. The term Undefended Heart has been circulating in my mind quite a bit lately. It is ripe for exploration.

Life hurts. For some, it really hurts. I don’t mean some feel pain more acutely than others. We all feel acutely and deeply. Rather life seems to serve up more painful experiences for some. You might say, it has been one thing after another. So painful, we can become the stories associated with the wounding and suffering. Is the point of having more of these to have a greater capacity for empathy and understanding? Or do we hurt so much for so long, we come to expect a life of suffering and pain? And so it is. Perspective is key.

I journeyed this week to understand the energy of the Earth better. What I found was a magnificently vibrant and powerful life force at the core of this planet. Pure vital power. What I noticed right away was no matter how many destructive choices we humans make, nothing can touch the Earth’s powerful force (nor love). I was reminded the Earth has given its full consent for us to work out our karma here. She is no victim. I felt the Earth’s loving embrace, especially as I moved closer to the core. I felt immensely loved and supported. I am not sure what will happen to Earth’s beautiful resources, given our choices, but know she will manage.

The journey also showed me I am not my story, nor the sum of my experiences, good, bad or otherwise. I am like the Earth, pure, vital energy. At my core, nothing can touch me. I do have an immense capacity to empathize. I have chosen to heal the hurts and release the emotional pain. To heal takes great courage and perseverance. I see the gift of stalking my fears, suppressions, wounds and limiting belief patterns. I know holding on to old stories and wounding is an act of self-sabotage, hurting only me. I recognize the importance of connecting my heart to the Earth’s core each day. I benefit greatly from her energy and love. The more undefended the heart, the more receptive I am to the divine. The freer I am; the more I am.

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