Authentic and True

I love the month of February because we are free to celebrate and honor heart connections. We have permission to “I ♥ you“ from the first day of the month on. Imagine how much deeper and richer our connections would be if we acted in the spirit of St. Valentine all year? Why don’t we drop a Valentine’s note in our children’s or spouse’s lunch each morning? What could be better than consistently expressing our love?  In that spirit I started wondering why we don’t love ourselves unconditionally? Why don’t we make being genuinely kind, tender and accepting of ourselves a daily practice? Why aren’t we authentically in love with love and who we truly are? Are we afraid? And If so, afraid of what?


Last week, I saw fear in a different light. I don’t mean appropriate fear, the instinct that prevents us from harm or pain. I mean fear constructed by the mind. Until then, I saw fear as a product of the ego which likes us to suffer. I realized fear can also be the byproduct of an inauthentic life, a life devoid of honesty and frankness. Our culture encourages us to withhold truth. We learn over time to filter it through the lens of our past experiences, thus compromising it. As parents know, we shush our children when they say something honest, raw or uncomfortably true. Over time, children modify their behavior.


I see we have forgotten how to be comfortable living truthfully. We are afraid to be real because it might jeopardize the unconditional love we so desire from others. Are we vulnerable to attack if we are truthful? Is it our place to say? So we create roles for ourselves and others. We play into these parts and roles. We interact with characters instead of the person and the truth.


How do we love unconditionally and be authentic? Can the two co-exist? Is kindness inherent in truth? The first step is to recognize unconditional love exists only within. It is our natural state of being and not something we get from others. Unconditional love flows from the heart. Connect with it. Feel the deep rhythms and energy. Relax into your loveliness. Allow your heart center to feel freely and unconditionally. Take the time to be quiet or walk gently upon the Earth. Allow stillness to echo within. Ask your heart to open. To forgive. Prime it to receive whatever life brings. If your heart feels closed off, ask it to show you why. Make connecting with your heart a mindfulness practice. At some point, we lose our connection to our true, divine self. Make it your intention this month and throughout the year to restore that connection. Hug a child or two. Thank them for reminding you to speak truthfully and show you how to love unconditionally. You are divine. Love yourself boldly. Feel the grace.


Have a great month!

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